Try on a Record

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Try on a Record

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Try on a record is a photo book whose main characters are the record covers from the 70’s and 80’s and the anecdotes around those who chose them for the shot.

The book is a journey through various artists, musicians, journalists, producers and disc-jockeys’ most remembered vinyl record covers. It also deals with those unsung protagonists who still keep strong in their memory the ritual and the emotions involved in listening to those records.

On the pictures, the characters are shown yet hidden behind the record covers they have chosen for the shot; the cover they have looked at and read so many times while listening to their music. The mise en scene takes place in a meaningful context to each character at the present, producing a poetic, humoristic or delirious counterpoint between the past and the present.                                                

The book, a visual essay, holds almost a hundred photographs with portrays of people like Litto Nebbia, Nito Mestre, Lalo Mir, Alfredo Rosso, Lito Vitale, Claudio Kleiman, Rocambole, o Alejandro Pont Lezica, and their testimonies.

How did the project come out

My connection with vinyl records comes straight from my teen years.

My dad used to work for a record company, and while I was on summer holidays he would make me go to the company's storehouse to wrap the discs with their envelopes, the covers.

 The vinyl records were wrapped up in a soft and thin paper that was easily breakable, and in another box there were the covers with their fresh smell of ink.

It was a completely automatic job, anyway.

But while my mates were working and loosely listening news and tango on the radio, I, on the other hand, would be fascinated by the pictures and illustrations of the record covers. Maybe it was on that shed, sitting on that unsteady stool, where my vocation for photography was born. And while enjoying those covers, I discovered some unknown artists that slowly began to become part of my small collection of records along with The Beatles, The Carpenters and The Bee Gees.

Since then, it went on this way; trading records at Parque Rivadavia's fair, or perusing through the stands at the record stores. My curiosity began with the cover and would carry on when I put the disc on the turntable. I would be lying on the floor or standing on my feet, going through the lyrics or looking at the pictures while the music was still on. I do not know of anyone who has got rid of all their vinyl records. In fact, underneath a bed, inside some piece of kitchen furniture, or at mom’s house lies that record collection waiting to be played.

I have already taken almost a hundred photos where musicians, designers, photographers, journalists, physicians, greengrocers, etc... show themselves through their favorite vinyl record, making them revive emotions that still go on at present. Many of them have told me some anecdotes which are also included in the book.

The book: Technical facts

Ponete un disco / Try on a record – Photographs and interviews by Pablo Garber

Special collector's edition: Hard cover,  23x23cm, 156 cotton thread binded pages.